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About You Amelican Erections

Posted by 78704pickinparty on January 15, 2008

I am sorry, but this is the absolute best thing I’ve read about the nonproductive collective psychodrama that is the current horserace for whitehouse, stolen shamelessly from Altercation today:

Name: Scott Goldman
Hometown: Norman, OK

Hey Dr. A,

You asked: “How can an entire industry continue to exist when the product it provides is both unwanted and defective, and proven repeatedly to be so?”

Punditry is just like e-mail spam– all of us hate it but someone is profiting from it so it continues to exist.

It’s also a matter of options. If spam were my only source of information about single women in my city, I would read it instead of automatically sending it to the trash bin.

I really am not sure what *good* election coverage would look like at this point. I like all the fancy graphics and high-tech feel of the MSM, I just hate the terrible journalism. But what other options do I have? Even NPR seems more interested in drama than issues.

Keep up the good work!

MSM = Main Stream Media
NPR = Nice Polite Republicans


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