78704 Pickin Party

South Austin Music, Hill Country Ramblings, and TWO Pecan trees in every back yard.

Pickin Party Manifesto

South Austin is a very special place. There is live local music every night of the week in commercial venues, and a great deal of social music — that’s people playing their instruments and singing with each other.

There are a couple other things going on here, too — some people think we’d all like to be herded like cattle into glass and steel hi-rise condos. Yeh, right! That’s why we live in early- to mid-20th century bungalows surrounded by trees, creeks, beautiful gardens and…back yards suitable for BBQ and pickin parties in. Go figure.

shut up n play yer guitar

Now, I’d like to tell ’em to just “Shut up and play yer guitar” but they’re too busy scheming with the city to raze the whole town and turn it into Dallas.

Why don’t they just move to Dallas?

Anyway, on with the party…


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