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Another Starbucks!

Posted by 78704pickinparty on January 5, 2008

With terrific coffeehouses in 04 such as the Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse, The Green Muse, The Ruta Maya, The Summermoon, and so forth, we wouldn’t need a Starbucks.

Sadly, this kind of “urbanisme” Starbuckian atmosphere is what certain elements are trying to convince us that we want. There’s just no accounting for taste (or lack thereof), is there?

However–at last–we have a rational reason to oppose the kind of corporatist glass and steel house of mirrors that is the most unnatural habitat of the faux funk coffehouse: another Starbucks could bring about the end of the universe. Here is our own Louis Black on just how this works: .

And if you’re still not convinced that this bellwether of the shopocalypse must be resisted by the faithful, just listen to the good Reverend Billy:


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